In order to attend class you must have a laptop computer that has the Rhino software installed (the trial version is fine) and that is capable of running the program. If you are not sure, please contact to check. I also offer rental PC computers on a first come, first served basis.

RHINO LEVEL 1 (Mac) 9/20-22

Level 1 Intensive New.jpg
Level 1 Intensive New.jpg

RHINO LEVEL 1 (Mac) 9/20-22


Rhino Level 1 for Mac.

In order to attend you'll need a laptop or small portable desktop with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM and Rhino for Mac installed (v6 is finally out, so we'll probably be using that!).

The Rhino trial version is free and fine for class, and although I don't have rental Macs they are available in LA at a number of locations.

Additionally, you'll need a two button, scrolling mouse (I recommend a really simple Microsoft 1850 or something similar, NOT an Apple one). I provide manuals for use in class--you can purchase one at cost, or use/print the digital version at home.

If you aren’t sure please contact me before registering!


LEVEL 1 WEEKEND INTENSIVE: 3 sessions total (24 hours), Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

  • Understand the vocabulary of the Rhino interface

  • Understand the features of the Rhino interface

  • Customize your tools

  • Create basic objects

  • Model using coordinate input, object snaps and SmartTrack tools

  • Modify curves and surfaces with edit commands

  • Use control point editing to modify curves and surfaces

  • Analyze your model

  • Render your model

Maximum 15 students per class in Austin, Denver, and San Francisco, and 6 in Los Angeles. For LA classes 4 person minimum per session. For classes in Austin, Denver, and San Francisco 10 person minimum is required for class to run. Money will be refunded via payment source immediately in the rare circumstance that class does not meet the minimum. 

Please note that because of minimum attendee requirements, registration (or indication of intent to register) ends two weeks prior to class date for classes being held in locations other than LA.

Class registration is not refundable, but can be transferred to another date in case of emergency.